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  • Project Scheduling

    The Project directors use the Microsoft Project program for Windows to calculate the execution times according to the available manpower and estimated costs. Due to the vast experience in the construction fi eld, our programming experts manage to match the terms for each stage of the project with the reality of the construction. Therefore, our timelines are completely realistic.

  • Budget

    The budget consists of calculating the amount of materials and manpower that will be required by each project. This is combined with the calculations for the contracts per job activity. For this, we use the appropriate computer programs, where all the processed data is compared to our database. This way, we obtain the global cost of the project, subdivided per activities.

  • Construction Process

    Our engineers dedicate the necessary time to each project in order to conclude the construction with the greatest efficiency and deliver the finished product on time. For larger projects, an engineer or a group of engineers, as well as the required workers, are appointed permanently to the site. In smaller projects, the engineers and project directors conduct regular inspections every week. They also meet once or twice a week with the owners of the project directly on site. Furthermore, these engineers coordinate with the chiefs of other departments, such as metallic structures, electrical and mechanical installations, to review those activities.

    Our company recognizes the importance of having the ideal work team for the good development of the project. For this reason, we have a group of experienced master builders that can direct and ensure an adequate distribution of tasks at the site. We have also striven to attain speed in acquiring the necessary materials to guarantee an easy flow of these into the projects.

    Under the Construction Manager method, we can assure our clients the control of costs in the project. We request that our clients provide surveillance services on site. That way they have the permanent presence on the project of a person representing them. This person monitors and proves with his seal and signature, every purchase and payroll payment that is done. At the same time, this person serves as an observer of the progress of the construction.

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  • Cost Control

    Closely related to the budget is control cost. Every bill for materials delivered to the project is entered individually and uploaded into the system under PURCHASES for that project. This way, we can always know the amount of materials that have been acquired, and also the type of material or the supplier.

    At each project location, there is one person in charge of registering this information into the program through a computer setup for that specific purpose at the construction site. Because of this procedure, we can maintain an updated record of the materials, workmanship and other supplies, and it is possible to generate in a quick and precise manner the cost information to date per job activity.

    The tracking of materials is done through requisitions. The workers payment, based on the daily work performed by each employee according to the tasks in which they participated, is controlled through automated payroll records.

  • Inventory Control

    The Company has a permanent inventory of the materials in storage. This allows us to verify the amount of materials on site and to compare the amounts of materials, workers and subcontractors with the values that were specified in the budget. With this information, we can establish the progress percentages and compare them to the actual physical progress of the project. We can determine the effectiveness of the construction process.